A transport route
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Animated video

Watch this animated film for a quick overview of the Nordic Logistic Corridor.

NLC - The game

Can you beat the highscore? Have a go at the NLC-game!




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SimLab East-West

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Midway Alignment

The new passenger ferry servicing the Vaasa-Umeå route will be built by Rauma Constructions. The Boa [...]

From east to west

The Nordic Logistic Corridor is an existing transport and logistics route connecting Norway, Sweden and Finland.
All three nations have made extensive regional investment
in infrastructure, for example logistics areas and ports, resulting in shortened road transport routes, excellent access to intermodal transport (the use of multiple forms of transport for freight and passengers) and modern cargo handling solutions.

This, in turn, helps stimulate better conditions for growth within trade and industry. However, in order to create attractive
transport solutions further investment is necessary alongside
the implementation of measures aimed at boosting capacity.
All in all, it’s a case of creating better conditions for goods
transit in the northern region via Norway, Sweden
and Finland, on to Russia and the other northern
regions of the EU area.




Significant investment
ports, terminals and logistics areas.

Significant investment ports, terminals and logistics areas
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